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Dr Dermot Murnane

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Dr Murnane, based in Nenagh, Co Tipperary is registered with: VHI, Laya, Irish Life, Glo Health, St Pauls, ESB Medical Provident and The Dept of Defence. Health Insurers will cover the surgical removal of wisdom and surgical extraction of teeth. Insurance companies will not...

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About Your Procedure

It is important to understand your oral surgery procedure. Please take some time to read about your dental/oral surgery. Inform yourself of the nature of your treatment, side effects and possible complications. This link will provide some useful information

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Dr Dermot J Murnane

Dr Dermot J Murnane, B.A., B.Dent.Sc., F.D.S., F.F.D.(O.S.),R.C.S.I. As an Oral Surgeon Dermot can perform procedures including; Removal of wisdom teeth Dental extractions under sedation Treatment of Medically Compromised patients Dr Murnane completed a 3 year Masters Degree course in the Dublin Dental and...

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