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Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal


Recovery depend on the amount of work needed to remove your teeth.

Simple extractions will leave you tender for a couple of days and no more.

Some people require surgical extractions and might need stitches to help close the wound. These sutures will dissolve.

Sometimes, the surgery causes bruising, swelling, and pain, which like any bruise will resolve over one week as long as there are no infections or dry socket.

Recovery from wisdom tooth surgery will be gradual, but people should see some improvement every day.

The healing process can be broken down into the following stages:

The first few minutes A blood clot will form.

The next morning, bruising and swelling is at its worst.

The next 2 to 5 days: Swelling of the mouth and cheeks should improve. pain should ease.

The next 7 to 10 days: Jaw stiffness and soreness should go away.

After 2 weeks the bruising on the face should have healed.

Recovery time will be different for everyone. If blood clots become dislodged from the wound, or the wound becomes infected, recovery may take longer.

If teeth require more surgery for their removal they will take longer to heal.

 How to speed up healing

Blood clots will form in the place where the tooth was removed. Blood clots are an essential part of the healing process because they:

  • help prevent too much bleeding
  • protect the wound from infection
  • allow new tissue to grow
  • protect the exposed bone

It is particularly important not to dislodge these blood clots in the first 24 hours. People should avoid:

  • brushing the extraction site
  • excessive exercise
  • rinsing the mouth
  • chewing
  • smoking

It is a good idea to gently rinse the mouth with antiseptic mouth rinse and warm salty water after 24 hours and regularly for 10 days

What can you do immediately after surgery?

People should take the advice of their dentist or surgeon on how to aid recovery.

People will not be able to drive for the rest of the day if they have had sedation.

If possible, it is a good idea to take 1 or 2 days off work or school after surgery.

It is essential to keep the wound clean while it’s healing

  • using an antiseptic mouth rinse to prevent infection such has Cordodyl or Kin.
  • rinsing with warm water and salt to reduce swelling and soothe sore gums
  • raising the head when sleeping to feel more comfortable

As well as pain, some people will feel tired after having their wisdom teeth out and might choose to avoid exercise for a few days after the surgery.

  • soup
  • Ice cream
  • Smoothies
  • Yogurt
  • jelly
  • soft noodles
  • eggs
  • mashed potato

For the first few days after surgery, eat within your comfort zone. If it feels ok to eat something it’s ok to eat it. If eating is excessively sore use softer food. It’s essential to keep the wounds clean with warm salty water after eating.

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