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Dr Dermot J Murnane


Dr Dermot J Murnane,

B.A., B.Dent.Sc., F.D.S., F.F.D.(O.S.),R.C.S.I.

Dermot studied dentistry in Trinity College Dublin and graduated in 1992.  After 3 years in general dental practice he started training to become an Oral Surgeon, working in Maxillo-Facial Surgery for 3 years.

Dr Murnane next enrolled in a 3 years Masters Degree course in the Dublin Dental and Mater Hospitals graduating in 2004.

Dr Murnane has

    • A Dental Degree from Trinity College Dublin
    • A Masters in Oral Surgery from Trinity College Dublin
    • A Fellowship in Dental Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland
    • A Fellowship in Oral Surgery from The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Dr Murnane is

    • A founder member of The Irish Association of Oral Surgery (IAOS)
    • A registered Specialist Oral Surgeon with The Irish Dental Council.

Dr Murnane works both publicly and privately providing an Oral Surgery service. This mostly involves the removal of wisdom teeth and other teeth, enucleation of cysts, excision of small lesions and biopsy. Release of tongue and lip ties with a laser scalpel is a growing area of practice.

Dr Murnane is married to Elaine; they have three young children Aoibhe, Dillon and Dan. They currently live in Nenagh.