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Extraction of Roots of Teeth

Often roots of teeth are left in your gums either because the tooth rots away or because the root broke during an extraction. The removal of roots is a very simple procedure and not one that should worry you.

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Dental Extractions

To extract a tooth a dentist pushes up into the bone beside the tooth and displaces the tooth. If done correctly it is a very quick procedure, less than one minute for a simple extraction with little post op pain or swelling.

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Retained Baby Teeth

Baby teeth which do not fall out may sometimes sink back into the gum if left in place. If this happens the surrounding adult teeth will tilt over the baby tooth. This causes a food trap and an area which is difficult to clean. It may also disturb the occlusion causing crooked teeth.

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Orthodontic Exposure Of Teeth

Eye Teeth are the pointy teeth at the front of your mouth, 3rd from centre. They are called canines, because the corresponding tooth is very prominent in the dog. They often fail to grow in the correct place and need to be helped into the correct position.

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Exposure of Teeth or Orthodontic Exposures

If you are having your teeth straightened by an orthodontist you may be sent for an exposure.

An exposure of a tooth is a very simple procedure. It is on par to having a filling and is normally carried out while you are awake. The area is simply numbed with a dental injection. If desired you can be asleep under light sedation.

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Dental Cysts

Dental cysts are similar to fluid filled balloons, usually within the jaw bone. They are usually attached to teeth and as they expand they dissolve the surrounding bone creating a cavity within the bone.

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Extra Teeth

Extra teeth, also called super-numary teeth and are very common.
They may stop adult teeth from erupting, therefore an adult tooth may be missing and there may be a gap in your mouth. They may cause crookedness, rotation, gaps or cysts, or they may cause no symptoms at all.

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A biopsy of the skin of the mouth is usually a minor procedure which will cause some discomfort for several days before healing. Often a dis-solvable suture is used. Good oral hygiene is necessary for several days and painkillers will often be needed for a day or two.

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