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Tongue Tie Release

Release of Tongue Tie with a soft tissue laser

It is very common for a baby to be born with restricted tongue movement, commonly called a “Tongue Tie”. This can cause difficulties with breastfeeding and can be treated with a soft tissue laser.

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Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is the latest in technology and is proven to reduce or eliminate post-operative PAIN and SWELLING.

The Ez Lase surgical laser is so gentle on tissues that many procedures may be carried out WITHOUT ANAESTHETIC. Healing is remarkably quick with little to none of the pain and swelling associated with conventional surgery.

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Many people have a gap between their front teeth, or an excessive amount of soft tissue between their teeth, others have a restrictive connection between their lip and their front teeth preventing their lip from moving, yet more people have a tongue tie. A frenectomy is the removal of this excessive tissue.

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