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Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions

No one wants to have their teeth “pulled out”. The thought of it fills most people with a mixture of fear and dread.

BUT If you have to have a tooth out

  • You want it to be Painless
  • You want it to be Quick
  • You don’t want to be very Sore after
  • and it would be nice not to Remember the extraction at all

Our aim is to make this necessary but unwelcome event as quick, painless and simple as possible. The quicker and simpler the procedure the less pain, bruising and swelling after.

The use of sedation will allow you to have your teeth removed in comfort with little or no awareness of the procedure.

Sedation also allows for a quick and uncomplicated recovery once basic precautions are taken.

If done correctly, (which it will be when done by a specialist with 20 years experience), it is a very quick procedure, less than one minute for a simple extraction with little post op pain or swelling, but you will feel the pressure, feel the tooth moving and hear crackling sounds if you are awake.

You will probably have no memory of the extraction if you are sedated.

(Dr Murnane is based in Nenagh, 40 minutes from Ennis. No traffic and easy parking.)



If a tooth cannot be “pulled out” it is surgically extracted, or cut out.

This means that the gum is lifted away from the tooth. Some bone is cut away and often the tooth is cut into several pieces so they can be easily removed. Several dissolvable sutures are usually placed.

This should take 7 to 10 minutes for a normal surgical extraction of a tooth, but may take longer if it is difficult to gain access to a tooth, if a patient is constantly moving during the dental extraction.

The amount of work that has to be done to remove a tooth will determine how much pain and swelling you will experience over the following days. The more work and effort required to remove the tooth, the more pain, bruising and swelling you should expect after the extraction.

Sedation is often used to make this a dental extraction a more pleasant experience for the patient. Indeed with sedation there will usually be no memory of the extraction at all.

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Dr Murnane is based in Nenagh, 20 minutes from Limerick. Providing a service to Limerick, Ennis, Nenagh and Thurles. Parking is readily available at the clinic door.

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