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Orthodontic Exposure Of Teeth


If you are having braces it is common to be referred for exposure of buried teeth.

Simply put, if a tooth is under the gum an orthodontist will not be unable to stick any braces on the buried tooth.

The Oral Surgeons job is either to make a small hole in the gum to allow the orthodontist see the tooth so they can stick braces on the tooth


To make a small hole in the gum and stick a small brace on the tooth for the orthodontist.

Either way once the brace is attached the buried tooth can be slowly dragged down into the mouth over several months so you can have a pretty smile !!!


This is a very common procedure. Usually carried out under light sedation. You should expect some pain and swelling for several days after. Painkillers will be needed. It is very important to keep the wound or surgical site very clean in the healing period by washing with warm salty mouth wash  about 4 times a day for about 2 weeks to prevent infection.

You will normally see the orthodontist again about 10 days after your exposure to start the process of moving the tooth.

The Most Commonly Exposed Tooth is the Maxillary Canine  (upper eye tooth)

Eye Teeth Treatment

Eye Teeth are the pointy teeth at the front of your mouth, 3rd from centre. They are called canines, because the corresponding tooth is very prominent in the dog. They often fail to grow in the correct place and need to be helped into the correct position.

Why do eye-teeth sometimes not come down?

They follow a long path during eruption and may simply get lost. They are also the last of the front teeth to come down and there may not be enough space between your other teeth so they are prevented from erupting.

Does it matter if eye-teeth do not come down?

Often it may cause no problems at all. Other times there may be a gap in the front of the mouth. Sometimes the bite will be disturbed or the buried tooth may cause problems by destroying the roots of the front teeth or develop cysts.

What Can I Do if My Eye Teeth Fail To Erupt?

The best treatment is to expose the teeth. This is a very simple procedure where the skin is removed from over the tooth and a small brace is attached to the tooth to allow a dentist draw the tooth into your mouth over several months.

Or You can do nothing !!!

Or You can extract the tooth!!!

Are all options open to me?

No. Different options are better suited to different circumstances, these are decided on a case by case basis and you should discuss these with your Orthodontist and Oral Surgeon.


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