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Tongue tie release with laserFrenectomy / Tongue Tie Release with Soft Tissue Laser

Many people have a gap between their front teeth caused by having too much gum between their teeth. Others have a tight connection between their lip and their front  teeth preventing their lip. Others have a tongue tie. A frenectomy is the removal of this excessive tissue.

Up until recently a frenectomy/ tongue tie release was a rather gory procedure with a considerable amount of post operative  pain and swelling. The area was subjected to an invasive surgical procedure. This video will show you a traditional Frenectomy, thankfully now a historical procedure.

Laser Frenectomy / Tongue Tie Release

However the introduction of LASER SURGERY has reduced this procedure of frenectomy or tongue tie release to a minor 1 minute procedure, carried out after an injection to numb the area. There are hundreds of examples of laser frenectomy/ tongue tie release which you can view on line to give you an idea of the procedure.

Laser Surgery in the release of tongue tie/ frenectomy produces excellent healing with MINIMAL POST OP PAIN, NO POST OP SWELLING and NO Sutures are required.

As with all procedures sedation is available if desired, but seldom used since the introduction of Laser Surgery.

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