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Tongue tie release with laserLaser Surgery

We employ the very latest technology in soft tissue laser surgery. The Ez Lase surgical laser from Bio Lase is the most up to date laser surgical tool available.

Laser surgery is the latest in technology and is proven to reduce or eliminate post-operative PAIN and SWELLING.

Laser Surgery eliminates bleeding and eliminates the need for sutures.

The Easi Lase surgical laser is so gentle on tissues that many procedures may be carried out WITHOUT ANAESTHETIC. Healing is remarkably quick with little to none of the pain and swelling associated with conventional surgery.

Laser Surgery is very popular for small procedures on children such as release of tongue -tie and frenectomy. Traditionally children were often given a general anaesthetic for these minor procedures. However if a child can tolerate a filling they will have no difficulty with a tongue tie release or frenectomy with a laser If they are anxious a small amount of sedation may be used.

The most remarkable feature of laser surgery is the post op healing, which is quick and with little pain. Sutures are not required and there will be no post op swelling. Children should be capable of returning to school the following day.


Laser Surgical Procedures include


    Excision of polyps and epul-Small benign growths and swellings in your mouth

    Obliteration of denture granulomas prior to new being made denture-Fibrous scar tissue built up in your mouth over the years due to wearing old dentures

    Frenectomy-Removal of tissue between the front teeth so they can be moved together.

    Release of tongue tie-Cutting of a small fibrous band that prevents full movement of your tongue.

    Suppression of cold sore lesions-Cold sores will heal quicker after laser treatment.

    Obliteration of haemangiomas– Small unsightly blue or purple marks on your lips left behind after biting or cutting your lip

    Obliteration of Salivary swellings-Blocked salivary glands in your lips often cause swellings in your mouth. These can be removed with a laser, producing a much quicker healing period, no scar and less pain while healing

    Gingival Contouring and Crown Lengthenin-Shaping of the gum margins and removing bulky gum tissue

    Apthous Ulceration Resolution-Provides almost instant relief to the pain of ulceration

    Treatment of Lichen Planus-Provides relief from the pain of lichen planus ulceration.

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