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Extraction of Roots of Teeth

Root removal - Murnane Oral Surgery

Dental Root which was left behind when the tooth was extracted. The black circular area is decay which has weakened the tooth. There is also a retained root on the left which has been left behind during a previous extraction.

Extraction of Roots of Teeth.

Many dentist are happy to remove roots themselves. Some roots will be more difficult to remove and your dentist will refer you to a specialist for these extractions.

An Oral Surgeon such as Dr Murnane will be able to remove these roots with greater skill and efficiency. This  will result in a faster, less traumatic extraction with less pain, bruising and swelling after the extraction.

The removal of roots is a very simple procedure for Dr Murnane and not one that should worry you. However if you are anxious  light sedation is an ideal method of coping with any dental extraction.

Dr Dermot Murnane provides a same day service for extraction of roots with consultation, x rays, extraction with sedation all provided in one visit from either of Dr Murnane’s clinic in Nenagh and Tullamore.


roots of a tooth in the lower jaw. The black circle on one root is an abscess

roots of a tooth in the lower jaw. The black circle on one root is an abscess






Normally simply pressing down beside the root will force it to the surface, this is called “Elevation” and will result in minimal post extraction pain or swelling.

Roots of teeth buried deeper in the bone  will have to surgically removed.

This involves pealing back the gum and removing some bone to allow access to the root.

Some pain and swelling should be expected and you will require painkillers for several days. You may also need anantibiotics and these will be prescribed.  The procedure should normally last less than ten minutes.

The pain and swelling should be at their maximum the following morning and should resolve over 7 to 10 days.

The extraction socket must be cleaned for several days. Rinse your mouth with Warm Salty Water after meals and Corsodyl Mouth Wash morning and night for about 10 days will help.

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