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Sedation during wisdom teeth removal

Sedation is a technique for giving a drug into a vein to make a patient sleepy.

While a patient is in this sleepy state it’s possible to remove wisdom teeth leaving a patient with no or little memory of the procedure.

While nobody is actually asleep, people think they were asleep.

Recovery usually takes about one hour and you can head home.

Sedation allows much quickeraccess to treatment. Reduces treatment time and speeds up recovery. Sedation is also much safer than a general anaesthetic.

Dr Murnane uses iv sedation to remove wisdom teeth in Nenagh.

Pstients from as far afield as Limerick, Tipperary Town, Clonmel, Thurles, Roscrea, Birr and Portumna and much further afield come to Nenagh for treatment.

Dr Murnane is a registered Specialist Oral Surgeon.

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