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How long does it take to remove a wisdom tooth

Generally Speaking wisdom tooth removal can happen in one of 2 ways.

It’s possibke to either push them out or you can cut them out.


Upper wisdom teeth can be pushed out in between 5 seconds and 30 seconds depending on the position of the tooth.


Lower wisdom can offen be pushed out in between 20 and 30 seconds.


Any wisdom tooth that cannot be pushed out can normally be cut out. It takes about 7 minutes from start to finish to cut a tooth out.

Having a tooth cut out feels similar to having a big fillings done. But unfortunately cutting out teeth will cause bruising and swelling which will take about one week to resolve.

Its an Oral Surgeons job to make the removal of wisdom tooth look simple. The quicker and simpler the extraction the less pain and swelling after. Also the risk of developing side effects is much lower, but not eliminated.

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