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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Have you suddenly began to experience pain in your teeth? You may require wisdom teeth removal surgery – so be sure to get in contact with the leading dentists in Ireland, the Murnane Oral Surgery. We are run by Dr Dermot J Murnane, a highly experienced dentist that has been working within various dental clinics since his graduation in dentistry in 1992 at Trinity College Dublin. To arrange a consultation at a suitable time and date, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

Before we can begin your wisdom teeth removal surgery, the first process is to ensure that the patient is fully informed of the procedure. During this phase, you will meet with our dentist so that they can explain the two main procedures available to choose from. We will explain in detail the processes, as well as the various side effects, implications and recovery period circumstances that will need to be considered. It’s always recommended that you plan your wisdom teeth removal in advance so that you can prepare yourself and book time off work so that you can recover at home in a safe and relaxed environment.

That being said, the first and preferred option is the elevation of the affected tooth, which will involve the dentist pushing down close the tooth very firmly so that it rises out of the socket. If we are unable to proceed with an elevation, then surgery may be required. During the surgery, we will begin with lifting the gum and removing small fragments so that we can begin to push the tooth out. We then may look to cut the tooth into segments so that we can easily remove the remainder of the tooth.

If you have a wisdom tooth but don’t proceed with the removal, it could potentially lead to a number of other health issues that cause further pain and problems. One of the most common consequences is an infection around the tooth, which will lead to the decay in neighbouring teeth, cysts and gum disease. As a result, it’s always advised that individuals come to one of our surgeries so that we can perform a thorough check on all of your teeth before it’s too late.
If you urgently recover wisdom teeth removal, then be sure to get in touch with the Murnane Oral Surgery today. By calling us on 086 1339583, we can gather the required details to arrange for an appointment at your local Murnane Oral Surgery so that we can assess your current issue. Alternatively, you can also book an appointment directly from our contact page, where one of our specialists will be in touch shortly to confirm your booking.