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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Treatment can be carried out while you are awake or while you are under sedation.

The choice is yours.

If you opt to be awake while your wisdom tooth is removed you may return home immediately once treatment is complete.

If you opt for sedation, you must remain in the clinic until you are fully recovered (about one hour) and an escort is in attendance to drive you home. You need to be able to stand and walk in a comfortable manner and not look or sound drunk.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions - Murnane Oral SurgeryRegardless of how your treatment is completed, if you have one wisdom tooth extracted or all 4 wisdom teeth extracted, you will be asked to go straight home and rest for the next 3 hours. Not to eat drink hot liquids or disturbe your mouth until the numb feeling has left your face.

Depending on the treatment itself, you may need several days off work and a sick note will be provided.

THE DAY OF Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction or other Treatment

After wisdom teeth extraction or other procedure has been completed, you have recovered from your sedation and there is no bleeding, you will be allowed to return home and asked to rest for 3 to 4 hours. To avoid eating or drinking hot liquids for 3 to 4 hours. This is to allow everything to settle and a firm blood clot to form.

After 3 hours you may resume light activity. However, eat light food gently, avoid the area where work was carried out, and keep activity to a minimum. If you are excessive in your activity it will encourage bleeding.

If you do get some bleeding, remember this is normal. Your mouth will look worse than it is. A small amount of blood will turn your whole mouth red and give the appearance of a lot of blood.

To halt bleeding, Sit Up Straight, Rest, Place a piece of rolled tissue on the bleeding area and bite down for ~20 minutes. This will stop any bleeding if done correctly.

You will be given painkillers before surgery and they should keep you comfortable for up to 12 hours. You will require painkillers for several days and a prescription will be provided. You may use your own painkillers or the painkillers prescribed.

Avoid your mouth for as much as possible that day. Do not worry about brushing that evening. The following days you should concentrate on keeping your mouth clean with Warm Salty Mouth Rinses after every meal and CORSODYL mouth wash morning and night for a week to ten days.

The video below gives a more detailed view of the procedure.