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Your Consultation

When you meet Dr Murnane he will initially discuss:

    • The reason you have attended, the nature and duration of your symptoms.
    • He will try to determine the cause of your problem.
    • And the best treatment

He will then discuss your medical history to determine if treatment is safe or if any precautions or arrangements need to be made.

Root removal - Murnane Oral SurgeryOnce you have been examined, Dr Murnane will discuss the treatment you require, how it will be carried out and the expected side effects to be expected.

If you do not bring an x-ray with you from your own dentist you may need to have one taken before treatment commences. An x-ray is always needed for extraction of  wisdom teeth. The x ray most commonly used is called an “OPG”


If both you and Dr Murnane are happy with the outlined treatment it may be carried out on the same day if you request it.

Sometimes it will not be possible to carry out treatment on the same day, until specific arrangements have been made or if the treatment is of such complexity that time is needed to consider the treatment and other possible treatment options. This differs with every patient and will be determined at your consultation.