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Health Insurance, Price and Cost of removing Wisdom Teeth

Dr Murnane is registered with all main health insurance companies, VHI, LAYA, Irish Life, ESB Medical Provident and St Pauls  for direct payment. Prison Officers pay their bill upfront and can claim back their fees from prison officer insurance.

You are responsible for consultation fees, x rays and sedation facility fees. Your insurance company fund the actual treatment.

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Prison Officers must pay for their treatment on the day of treatment and then claim a refund from their own insurance company

All fees are allowable against tax, http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/it/leaflets/it6.html

 How Health Insurance Works 

Dr Murnane is registered with all main insurance companies.

    • You must be a member of an insurance company for more than 6 months, or have switched insurance companies without a lapse in insurance cover.
    • If the condition is NEW, i.e. a recent condition (within the last few weeks).
    • If the procedure is listed by your insurance company and your insurance is valid. Then the insurance company will pay Dr Murnane directly.
    • You are responsible for your consultation fees, any x ray fees and technical fees associated with sedation.The cost of the actual treatment(professional Fees) are paid by your insurance company.
    • You will be asked to sign an insurance form and supply your membership details

Your insurance will not cover the cost of your consultation, radiograph or technical fees associated with sedation.

VHI and other insurance companies do NOT cover the cost of simple or routine dental extractions. Only surgical extractions

are covered. VHI and other insurance companies view this as a surgical procedure, not dentistry. 



If you have valid health insurance:

    • Treatment under local anaesthetic (Dental Injection ) only is €200
    • Treatment under Sedation and local anaesthetic combined is €280
    • Radiograph fee  €60,  (if you have your own radiograph please bring it with you)

Many patients find dealing with their insurance company confusing as they are often given incorrect and misleading information when they make phone enquiries regarding cover for specific procedures. Our reception staff will be happy to contact your insurance company to clarify your cover if required.

If You Have No Health Insurance cover you will pay the full cost of your treatment before treatment is carried out.

 All fees are allowable against tax http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/it/leaflets/it6.html

Consultation fee €200
Radiograph fee €60
Sedation fee €80


Below fees include consultation fee if treatment and consultation are carried out on the same day

X Ray  €60

Sedation €80

Extraction of one tooth €400, each subsequent tooth is €50 extra

2 teeth €400, 3 teeth €450 etc

Exposure of one tooth €400

Exposure of each extra tooth €50 per tooth

Soft tissue biopsy or excision of lesion €400

Release of Tongue tie  or  Lip tie €400

Release of Tongue tie and Lip tie €400

If you phone the clinic you will be given a specific quote before you attend.


If you have a medical card you may be entitled to  your treatment in a HSE clinic.

You MUST be referred by your general dentist to the local area HSE Principal Dental Surgeon. Your area principal dental surgeon will then organise AND FUND your treatment.