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Oral Surgery in Ireland

Oral Surgery


Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

Dr Murnane is a private practice  Oral Surgeon and has a clinic in  Nenagh, 20 minutes from Limerick, 30 minutes from Thurles.

Oral Surgery refers to that part of Dentistry which involves cutting or surgery inside your mouth.

This is mostly the extraction of teeth, the removal of wisdom teeth, the enecuylation of cysts, biopsy of lesions and frenectomy procedures.


You should seek a referral to be sure you are attending the correct specialist for the correct treatment or if you are sure that you need a tooth extracted you can simply contact Dr Murnane’s clinic yourself.

Treatment is normally within several  week’s, we will always try to see patients in pain as soon as possible.



Consultation and treatment is available on the same day. You can attend and have treatment completed and be on your way home within 90 minutes.

If you prefer you may attend for a consultation and schedule treatment for a future date.


Health Insurance

  1. If you have private health insurance such as VHI, LAYA, Irish Life, St Paul’s Garda Medical Aid or ESB Medical Provident and you have been a member for 6 months or more your procedure is generally covered. (Insurance companies view Oral Surgery as Surgery and not as dentistry. You do not need dental Insurance.)


You will be charged for  consultations, x ray’s and sedation technical fees

If you have no insurance you will have to pay all fees your self. 

Conscious Sedation

Many patients are frightened of dental treatment and want “to be asleep” for their treatment. 

Conscious Sedation, involves a drip in your arm through which sedation is administered. You will become drowsy and treatment can be carried out.

Conscious sedation does not require hospital admission, it is  much gentler than general anaesthetic with quicker recovery and fewer side effects. You should return to normal within an hour or so. You will not be able to drive home and a responsible adult must accompany you to bring you home.You should  fast for 4 hours before attending, Liquids are allowed. 

Sedation is also also much more economical for your treatment  without compromising on safety or comfort of treatment than general anaesthetic.

Dr Murnane has a clinic in  Nenagh and provides a same day service. This means you can attend for a consultation and have your treatment on the same day as long as all arrangements are in place.