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Mouth Cyst Treatment

Are you in need of a mouth cyst treatment? Why not head over to Murnane Oral Surgery? Dr Murnane is an oral surgeon who specialises in both oral and dental surgery. Not only do we assist with public care, but we also work with private customers and we work closely with a number of insurance companies to ensure that your costs are covered. We guarantee that all our customers are our priority and we do our best to provide you with the best care every single time. 

Here at Murnane Oral Surgery, our team specialises in a wide variety of different dental procedures including wisdom teeth removal, root removal, retained baby teeth, biopsy, frenectomy, the release of tongue tie and so much more. If you’re in need of mouth cyst treatment, we like to hold an initial consultation where we will assess your current symptoms, the cause of the problem and the best treatment option available for you. 

When visiting us for your mouth cyst treatment, we will take an x-ray to find out what type of cyst you are suffering from and which tooth is causing the infection. Dental cysts are usually relatively common as the jaw bones are the most common bones in the body to develop cysts. The usual mouth cyst treatment is to remove the cyst and the associated tooth. Most cysts do not tend to recur after removal meaning the problem is usually resolved pretty quickly. We will send your cyst for examination after removal, just to determine the nature of the cyst so you can be reassured that it will not return. 

We understand that sometimes, coming to visit a dentist can be a worrying and stressful experience for some people, but there is no need to worry when coming to see our team at Murnane Oral Surgery. Not only has Dr Murnane completed a 3 year Masters Degree in the Dublin Dental and the Mater Hospital, but he also has an extensive range of qualifications from dental schools all over the country. You can trust that you are in the safest hands possible when visiting us for mouth cyst treatment. 
If you are suffering from oral pain, please don’t wait to have your mouth cyst treatment. Get in contact with us as soon as you can and we will get you booked in with the first available Dental Surgeon. You can book an appointment with us online at any time or you can give us a call on 086 1449583 for the Tullamore office or 086 1449583 for the Nenagh clinic.